Release your old emotional connections

When emotions from your past still control your present choices, in every situation it feels like something is holding you back and causing you to fail. There are energetic (invisible) footprints throughout your life, left behind by your previous associations. Dambusters clears out these old emotional connections so you can break free from the past, once and for all.

Imagine moving into your dream home and previous owners have left their junk everywhere! Where would you put all your lovely new things? Clearing out the old makes space for the new. From time to time, it’s important to run this same cleanse on your emotions…sweeping them all away to break new ground.

Smiling woman lying in grass

Using a peaceful meditative state, Dambusters lets you easily shift troubling elements from your past into a comfortable place where they no longer adversely affect you. This gentle healing process transforms your emotional experience, liberating you completely. You can choose what you want for the future, and make the most of every opportunity ahead!