A connection with something higher

When you sense a connection with something higher than yourself, times of need can compel you to seek interaction with this source. Perhaps you desire acknowledgement, such as a sign to confirm your chosen path. Maybe you’re hunting for meaning, insight or purpose, because secular approaches have not hit the spot. You might want divine intervention (protection, abundance, material manifestation), and need an important action to be taken on your behalf.

Within organised religion, prayer is the most widely used means of connection. Prayer establishes a personal conversation with a higher power, letting you pray for yourself, for others and even on behalf of those who can’t or won’t do it for themselves. To onlookers, meditation resembles prayer, but its purpose is to attain a state of consciousness in which you fathom all the levels of yourself.

Woman meditating

The decision to channel energy in a specific direction, whether for yourself or on behalf of another, requires a system of dedicated personal practice, like wicca or huna. These esoteric philosophies are alternative belief systems which include traditional customs and rituals to heighten your awareness, hone your focus and intensify impact. Such methodologies teach you to attract and induce potent results, remaining ever mindful of the obligations and responsibility caused by increased power!