Every January, our top priority at Happinessence is helping smokers quit the habit, once and for all. If you really want to kick it in 2021, but consider yourself a confirmed smoker and are secretly wondering if you're a lost cause, we can help! Our most successful clients are aged 45+, have been smoking for as long as they can remember, and have already tried unsuccessfully to quit on at least 5 occasions.

We offer a free initial consultation, designed to make you really think about the in’s and out’s of your habit. Plus, it's totally cool if you choose to go it alone after this consultation. Sometimes a clear conversation with a professional is enough to get you where you want to be. So, get in touch now and let us help you craft your most successful start to the new year!

Stubbing out cigarette

The Millenial Happiness Project is a 28-day online mentoring programme, designed specifically to help the increasing number of young adults (aged 21-29) struggling post-pandemic. COVID-19 has negatively affected many wellbeing factors (eg. employment, income, relationships, health). Because humans notice loss MORE than gain, sad events have a much bigger impact than happy ones. Australian economist, Professor Paul Frijters also claims events hold a different monetary value for the sexes. His research shows men are far more joyful AND more deeply depressed by any changes in their lives.

"Struggling" happens on the inside, and is invisible to others:
- mental difficulties...anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts
- emotional challenges...mood swings, low morale, self-esteem issues
- sabotaging behaviour...addictive habits, self-harm, broken relationships

    Millennials suffering from any (or all) of the above can learn effective coping strategies in the "Millenial Happiness Project" (MHP). This four-week happiness course is a pilot programme offering:
    - 28 days of online mentoring, via Zoom and Facebook
    - Daily sessions to watch live, and replay later
    - Proven and effective happiness strategies (with scientific backing)
    - Simple, tried-and-tested coping techniques (research-based)
    - Easy implementation plan with short, clear guidelines
    - Regular questionnaires to track and measure changes in happiness
    - Extra resources, connection and support in the online MHP community 

      Designed to add extensive value to millennials (our next generation!), the MHP is available to successful applicants at a marginal cost. How can we do this? Firstly, feedback from course attendees is used to develop the pilot material into a dedicated happiness package (for sale in future iterations at a price reflecting its transformational value!). Secondly, some MHP case studies will be included in a forthcoming book, generating book sales that compensate project execution costs.

      Course starts January 2021, with limited places. Applications are now open.

      Stubbing out cigarette