Your mind works on two levels

It’s been scientifically demonstrated the mind works on two levels. The conscious thinking mind (intellect) functions primarily in the left brain. The unconscious feeling mind (intuition) operates primarily in the right brain. Willpower is exerted by the conscious (aware) mind, however effective lasting change requires a deeper level rework.

For most of your waking time, your brain is in the beta state where activity ranges from 14 to 33 cycles per second (CPS), functioning on average at 21 CPS. When brain activity slows to the alpha state (8-12 CPS), this generates enhanced physical relaxation and heightened creativity. It’s also the most favourable brainwave cycle for concentration and new learning…in the alpha state, you feel detached yet alert.

Woman in hypnotic state

Hypnotherapy is a calm and pleasurable experience, a bit like having a film screen running inside your head. With the gentle flip of a few internal switches, your mind is processing different imagery to create a new, improved you!