A skill or a trait?

Effective leadership begins with a measurable baseline from which you enrich yourself, so others follow. When you step into leadership, your focus shifts from executing tasks to developing vision and facilitating objectives. The team looks to you for strategic direction, and your personal influence is key to building alignment, winning mindshare and growing the capabilities of others.


...every group (organisation, business, team) develops member dynamics, management challenges invariably focus on the interactions between people. Yet the definition of leadership means issues centre on a leader’s energy, style or approach. In essence, for a macrocosm to progress further, the microcosm (or leader) must first evolve higher.

    Happiness is the precursor to success!

    It took more than two decades for studies in neuroscience and positive psychology to prove the link between inner happiness and outer success. As a leader travelling this twin track, expect repeated calls to explore your behavioural integrity, emotional balance, mental resilience and spiritual connection. Granted, you will travel the same path often, but each sweep levels the ground and attracts more followers!

    Weak leadership loses deals 

    Poor performance, delegation niggles and ongoing conflicts are strong signs things have gone astray. Do you recognise these leadership challenges?

    • Confidence crisis
    • Lack of direction
    • Crossroads
    • Wasted potential
    • Out on a limb
    • Raising the bar

    If the leadership tone you set no longer stands up to scrutiny, review your approach. Start a new cycle right now…