How does a standard interaction create harmony between some people, yet conflict for others? Implementing strategy, managing resource and coordinating human effort (employees, volunteers) generates snags. Some disconnects improve with a process, others resolve via a policy or procedure…but for people dynamics, there is no quick fix.

In any team...

...each individual adds value (expertise, experience, perspective) and a diverse mix of personalities brings a significant advantage. However, uniting people together also merges their personal patterns (mindset, emotion, behaviour, communication). Combining unique styles and different approaches can spark magnificent synergy – or signal a hostile stalemate!

    Time spent understanding people is never wasted!

    Imagine overlaying blueprints from a variety of building projects, to create one spectacular estate. The big picture is breath-taking! However, there’s likely to be overlap, contradiction and incompatibility throughout. Worse, seemingly insignificant details continually resurface, which affects productivity, slows development and can even halt the build.

    Poor management decisions project failure

    Dwindling team spirit, tardy communications and deadline dodging are strong indicators of resource struggles. Do you recognise these management difficulties?

    • One bad apple
    • Interpersonal conflict
    • Power struggles
    • Delegation loopholes
    • Productivity hitches
    • Collaborative breakdown

    Allowing your team to go off track seriously undermines your entire mission. Stop the rot and redesign your people dynamic right now…