As you grow, the values, beliefs, attitudes, thoughts and opinions you hold create a framework for your future thinking. It all starts during your early years. Age 0-7 is the life phase during which you progress the most. You learn rapidly from those around you, simply by copying. Gradually, your mindset develops from your individual set of life experiences. Everything silently slots together into a personal mental structure, your “normal”. This construct defines the way you understand things to be. With your “mind set”, you now have a filter through which you make sense of the world and everything in it.


...develops whenever a mindset is adopted by an organisation, business or other team. Created by the group leaders, culture represents the implicit values, beliefs and attitudes which everyone must follow for acceptance by the group. It can even include unwritten behaviours. Guidance may exist in policies and procedures, but most often culture is just assumed. Like early stage learning, new group members are expected to stay in line by copying from others.

    You can rewire your mental circuits!

    People used to think the brain could only make changes during childhood. Neuro-scientific research into brain plasticity has since shown that aspects of the brain continue altering throughout adulthood. A new experience is fresh data to tweak brain neuron connectivity and remodel your internal structure.

    Mindset problems prevent growth 

    Stagnation and poor results are key indicators. Do you recognise these mindset difficulties?

    • Procrastination
    • Mental blocks
    • Over-thinking
    • Control issues
    • Discrimination
    • Self-sabotage

    Everything starts in the mind. To find new vistas, you must first change your view. Shift your mindset and make a fresh start right now…