How should you handle someone owing you money? In the early days of Happinessence, one client repeatedly promised a payment that never showed up. After three months I engaged a debt collector, who rang the following day with an initial report. It seems my client had seen my business growing well and had noticed other corporates booking my services. Because her own business was struggling, she told the debt collector her need was greater than mine.

Apparently, she felt it appropriate to use my success as justification for her non-payment. I barely knew which objection to raise first! Surely, any agreement between two people must be relinquished by both persons to become null and void? It’s not a unilateral decision. How could she think it acceptable that my success entitled her to special treatment? And finally, on what grounds had she made her judgement about my alleged success?

Throughout life, you will rub up against people and encounter controversial opinions that stun you! Be ready…pinpoint your personal definition of success, stick to your guns and refuse to allow others to constrain you with their limited thinking. Purposeful happiness begins by identifying your boundaries and cracking down on behaviours you cannot tolerate.