Your established patterns become automatic

The way you experience everything and everyone around you helps you establish your personal blueprint (or set of patterns) for thinking, feeling and communicating in every circumstance. Once your mechanisms are in place, they become automatic. You use them to formulate habitual behaviours and coping strategies for both familiar and unexpected situations. The problem arises when your accepted practices grow less effective over time. Everything changes, but when your outdated patterns no longer match your current experiences, it feels like groundhog day!

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a powerful personal development discipline and change management tool. It unlocks the structures behind human communication and individual excellence, so you can think, communicate and manage yourself (and others) more effectively. NLP studies the intricate relationships between your thinking (neuro), communicating (linguistic) and emotional / behavioural patterns.

Man in conversation with therapist

Used therapeutically, NLP enables you to transform habitual thoughts and actions into a far more effective model of human excellence, leading to greater personal achievement. Reminiscent of Kaizen, you repeatedly optimise your internal processes to develop your best self.