No man is an island

Numerous psychological studies have proven the negative effects of loneliness and social isolation on physical health and mental wellbeing. Humans are social beings who rely on cooperation to survive as a species, and crave meaningful connection to others. Consistent positive interactions forge understanding, respect and trust.

Rocky ground... a relationship means compassion disappears and it’s common to mistake meaning, misjudge significance and lay blame. To foster rapport, start with effective communication…active listening, considerate wording, constructive negotiating. Over time, you can deepen the connection into collaboration if everyone is prepared to master positive bonding habits.

    Mirror neurons are a big plus for mankind!

    These brain cells fire when you recognise your own actions in someone else, allowing you to match (or mirror) each other’s emotions. You begin unconsciously flowing emotion to each other, to show you’re on the same side. Mirror neurons let you reflect body language, facial expressions and underlying feelings.

    Poor relationships undermine promise 

    Tend your own garden (mindset, emotion, energy) before complaining about your neighbour’s weeds. Do you recognise these relationship issues?

    • Loss of trust
    • Communication breakdown
    • Apathy / Indifference
    • Toxic behaviour
    • Separation / Trauma
    • Bereavement

    If your relationships echo your family history, take responsibility for breaking the cycle. Heal your generational pattern right now…