Avoid burnout, breakdown and imbalance

Where do you sit on your own list of priorities? To avoid burnout, breakdown and imbalance, it’s imperative you shift yourself to the very top AND set in place a strong centre from which to operate. Understand what motivates you to focus on yourself (or not), notice where improvements are needed, and decide how you can stay on track. For anything to be different in the future, one thing must change right now…your choices.

Four levels of being (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) merge within human existence. And your life choices have wide-ranging consequences because everything links. Consider basics like nutrition, exercise and rest. Positive picks revitalise your skin, heal inflammation, eliminate toxins, balance hormones, curb cravings, improve energy and make you feel happy! Practising calm becomes a great foundation from which to avoid judgment and negativity. And as you bolster your resilience and build even greater personal awareness, you increase your ability to make other positive changes.

If you are one of life’s givers, seriously improve your ability to take – otherwise your bias deprives others of the joy you experience when giving. Get it right and your supreme self-care creates a gratifying payback cycle! By rewarding and indulging yourself, you demonstrate your readiness to accept. The gifts you receive then refill your personal well(ness), which positions you to continue giving!