Throughout New Zealand and often further round the world, our clients are small businesses, high performance teams and motivated individuals. People optimisation has become our obsession, and we're equally fanatical about working cultures where everyone can flourish!

Every person operates at four levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) and individual coping mechanisms go off track for many reasons. When people unite together inside an organisation, business or team, this creates a group dynamic which amplifies synergy...and highlights disconnection. Mindset, emotions and behaviours may clash, synchronise or even loop together. The result can be counter-productive operating principles, irreconcilable communication issues and toxic culture challenges which are deeply frustrating for everyone.

Human behaviour and cultural paradigms share identical roots. Alone, it can be difficult to escape the "norms" defined by our early foundational patterns. Inside a group, the challenge turns to managing others' behaviour as well as your own! Focusing on motivational drivers, our proprietary "Flexi-librium" model ensures success when breaking historic cycles and transitioning unacceptable paradigms.

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