It can be difficult to escape any “norm” set up by early foundational patterns. At Happinessence, we identify triggers, break the mould, play with alternatives and create transition. Clients who come with an open mind get the most success!

Every person operates at four levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). Individual coping mechanisms go off track for many reasons. When people unite together in an organisation, business or team, it creates a complex dynamic. Mindset, emotions and behaviours can clash, synchronise or even loop together. Sometimes, this establishes tricky operating principles which become ingrained over time.

Happinessence combines the art of fulfilment with the science of success, as popularised by Tony Robbins. To improve performance and raise the bar in organisations, businesses and teams, we excel at transforming historic cycles. For couples or individuals driven by unproductive family blueprints, we transcend generational patterns and remodel your personal habits for future success.

Woman stuck inside a bubble