Intuition is the most direct path to your true self. Trusting your gut instinct opens the door to a vital source of creative power. When your innate wisdom guides you forwards, you unlock the ability to interpret symbolism by recognising deeper patterns and ageless truth. This capacity to "see with the eyes of possibility" enables you to reach higher inside your mind. It is the first step to manifesting the reality you desire for, relationships, business, finances and more.

Everyone has intuitive powers, but the many distractions of modern life detach us from ourselves and our feelings. Happinessence created the Inner Voice Oracle Deck to reconnect you with what you already know. Our oracle deck is a set of 48 easy-to-use cards which fit into the palm of your hand. Each Inner Voice card features a single inspirational word, a message from your inner voice designed to help you stop and pay attention!

If you've ever struggled to change, to let go of the past, to fix a relationship or just wanted to start over afresh, the Inner Voice Oracle Deck is for you! Use it regularly to promote greater self-awareness and trust the knowledge you already hold deep inside. Wondering how to get started? Simply shuffle the deck and draw a single card. The word it contains is directly related to the area of your life where you need more insight. Should the message not immediately resonate, you can consult the Inner Voice Handbook for help unlocking the meaning.

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