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Motivational drivers make everything tick. Positive triggers create success, happiness and wellbeing by prompting beneficial patterns and constructive habits. At Happinessence, we're obsessed with the invisible links between thoughts, feelings and behaviour. When people are brought together inside any organisation, business or team, these invisible links come under additional pressure, so we're fanatical about working cultures where everyone can flourish. Specialising in inner patterns, team dynamics and culture refinement for small businesses, high performance teams and motivated individuals, Happinessence is about disrupting the average to create the exceptional!



  • Liz on releasing emotion

  • Shannon on confidence

  • Linda on quitting smoking

  • Steve on depression

    I would like to thank Samantha and recommend her to anyone who is having problems. I had an episode where I nosedived from nowhere and was in a bad place mentally. I never ever thought this would happen to me. I didn’t care about job, family and I especially didn’t care about myself. I eventually went to see a doctor who said I had depression. I didn’t really want to spend money taking to someone, but with my marriage on the line and my sanity in pieces I decided to go. As soon as I settled down and started to talk, I immediately realised that I had made a wise decision and over the weeks Samantha rescued me from destroying everything I had. I owe her more than money and thanks, as I have no doubt without her help I would have self destructed. I now feel so positive and good about myself and life in general, I don’t lose my temper and have a safe happy place to visit when I need to (a creation made with Samantha’s help.) I am very happy with my life and everything around me. I have never felt better. Every day is a great day and it’s with Samantha’s hard work that I can enjoy my life again.

  • Nic on anxiety

    I’ve struggled with anxiety — and realised I suppressed it for a number of years. This past year it began to affect my every day. I wasn’t sure which therapy would help, but felt I almost needed a mind reset button! Then Sam was recommended to me for NLP and after an introductory phone call, I knew Sam could help. Sam is friendly, honest, and through our sessions I learnt a number of tools that help me with my everyday. I highly recommend Sam and Happinessence.

  • Chanelle on grief

    I lost my Dad suddenly to a heart attack. One day he was here and the next day gone. He was only 64 and we had no warning. I spent my 30th birthday at my Dad's funeral. After the shock wore off and life started to return to normal for everyone around us, I found I wasn’t coping. I cried all the time, couldn’t concentrate and I felt really angry and sad....not only for my loss, but what my Dad wasn’t going to get to enjoy in life by departing too early. I reached out to Sam at Happinessence, who had always made me feel very comfortable around her. I knew I could trust her when sharing my most intimate and personal feelings relating to grief, anxiety, sadness and anger. I had 4 sessions with Sam and they helped me immensely. I felt a lot calmer by the end of the 4 weeks and I hardly cry even to this day, 2.5 years later. Don’t get me wrong, I still miss my Dad very much and I think of him every single day, but I now feel I am equipped with healthier tools to manage this sadness. I am very grateful to Sam for helping me get through such a challenging time in my life.

  • Pam on emotional abuse

    Over the last 2 years I've made major changes in my life...I left a 30yr+ marriage, a beautiful 5-bed house and a financially secure life. Today, I'm a professional house sitter. Very different, and totally worth it to be free of a cage that was so destructive. As I stretched my wings, I found I was still tethered to a number of bad experiences, times when my father and my husband had made me feel worthless and incapable. Though I'd escaped the environment, I had only to think back to these incidents and the feelings would rush back in to swamp me, as if it was happening all over again. No matter how much I looked forward, the past was dragging me back. I was totally at a loss how to move on, I couldn’t break through these powerful and debilitating memories. Then Sam suggested Dambusters! It drew on memories and feelings that I'd completely forgotten. It was emotional and confronting, but SO powerful. The next day, when I woke up and tried to think back, there'd been a huge shift. There were no longer any emotional black holes to suck me back to my past. The incidents were just parts of a story. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t recreate the horrific feelings I had endured for so long. I was free at last. It may sound dramatic, but it really did change my life. Sam is a very special person, as she understands what her clients need and can guide them through the tough days into the future. If you feel stuck in a bad place, talking to Sam could be the best thing you'll ever do.

  • Lynda on stage fright

    After looking longingly at my piano for too many years and not being able to play unless I was totally alone, I'd had enough. So I asked if Sam could help me with hypnotism to get over what I thought was stage fright. There was no magic wand, I didn’t suddenly become a concert pianist (that was never my goal) but I did feel more confident, and I was able to play knowing that my partner was out in the paddocks somewhere. Then it was back for session two. 24 hours later I sat at my piano and played with my partner down the hallway. He heard me and came into the room. He stood behind me with tears in his eyes, it was the first time he had heard me play in the 10 years we have been together. I don’t know what Sam did or said when I was under hypnosis, but whatever it was, it worked and I am very grateful for her help.

  • Tania on healthy choices

    In January I came to the realisation that as much as I ‘enjoyed’ smoking, the cost and potential time I was stealing from my life/health when I have 2 beautiful children was something I could no longer ignore. But how do you quit when you enjoy something and see it as relaxing? Not long after I starting thinking about quitting, I saw a friend recommend Sam on Facebook when someone was asking for a hypnotherapist to quit smoking. I messaged Sam and set up an initial consultation. I had no doubt in my mind I would proceed with the hypnotherapy after seeing Sam the first time. Her presence was calming and comfortable. Not only was she just lovely to chat to, but she was also clear and up front about the process. So I locked in the date - 36 days ago. Initially, I thought it had not worked! After leaving, I still had 5 or 6 cigarettes left in a pack, so I kept smoking....but when I finished that pack, I knew I did not wish to waste my money on smoking cigarettes ever again. It’s now been 35 days smoke free for me and I cannot stress how so very easy it has been. Not only did Sam help with me quitting, but at my request she tackled my worry of replacing smoking with snacking. 35 days have zoomed past and I’ve not struggled a bit, I make healthy choices and have had no second thoughts. Sam is fantastic! If you want help with quitting smoking, making healthy choices or even something a bit more than that, I can wholeheartedly recommend Sam to help you.

  • Jaydene on despair

    When my Dad passed away suddenly, we realised he had been sick for some time, yet no-one connected the dots. It hit me really hard, as I was super close with my Dad and in the weeks following I had this feeling of complete despair. It was so surreal to be dealing with that and yet, the world carried on. I told a friend about a horrible session I had with a counselor when trying to get help and she recommended Sam. I wasn't really sure how to feel when going to Sam the first time, not sure what I wanted, not sure what was going to happen, not even sure how I was going to get over losing Dad. Sam took me through an emotional release process which is hard to describe, yet afterwards I felt so much stronger and clear headed. We also looked at other things going on in my life and Sam helped me work through scenarios to prepare and practice what I was going to say. I found Sam to be welcoming, real, calming and a genuine, caring person. I could share my story and not feel judged. The biggest benefit I have found since working with Sam is how I now deal with things. It's only ever later on when I think back on how I reacted (or didn't react), what I said (or didn't say), that I feel surprised how it all happened without a real conscious thought from me. Sam has been a huge help and I do love how she is just a phone call or email away!

  • Josh on habit breaking

    I had pretty much come to the conclusion I would be a confirmed smoker for the rest of my life. I started smoking at 14 and quickly became addicted. I totally despised the habit and although I had tried various methods of quitting over the many years of puffing away, nothing had worked long-term. I had tried the books, replacement therapy, audio tapes and regular attempts at going cold turkey. I was sceptical when I went to see Samantha at Happinessence because I had also tried hypnotherapy several years ago. Although I stopped smoking briefly, it wasn’t lasting and during that period I remember still wanting a cigarette. Samantha took the time to find out exactly why I wanted to quit, the associations I had made with smoking and all the reasons why I continued to smoke. And then the magic happened! Under hypnosis, Samantha sort of undid all of those ties in a way that was tailor-made to me and my habit. I walked out of her office a non-smoker. In one session! And what’s most amazing to me is that it was ultimately easy, smoking has barely even crossed my mind since that session, when normally it would be constantly in the back of my mind and straight back at the slightest moment of weakness. If you’ve tried everything and resolved yourself to the fact you’re just plain addicted and will always be a smoker, then go and see Samantha at Happinessence.

  • Hannah on insomnia

    I suffered from terrible insomnia as a result of trying to manage depression, work, university and socializing. I tried sleeping pills, seeing a naturopath, listening to sleep music and yoga but nothing seemed to help. After just one session of hypnotherapy I slept through the night! This is something I hadn’t done for years. By treatment three I was sleeping like a baby, a full non-broken eight hours of utter bliss!

  • Tony on phobia

    For many years I have had a fear of flying which has crippled my ability to enjoy what most people do, ie. travel overseas. Recently I was referred to Sam, with the person who gave me her name saying "she is the one person who will help you overcome the issue". I had 5 sessions with Sam which I believe will be life changing. She has instilled a new confidence in me over flying through positive reinforcement, encouraging me to experience the moment and approach matters head on but with clear logic. Whilst it is within everyone's reach to do these things alone, it takes a special someone to lift those to the surface and Sam has been that catalyst for me.

  • Stacey on self-esteem

    I'd known for a long time that my past affected every aspect of my present. My catch phrase was “I’m not good enough”, and I literally couldn’t get out of my own way! It was ME who was holding ME back. After battling anxiety and depression for 10yrs, I came out the other side and knew it was time to do something about it. I was stuck, and I needed to change my thought processes if I ever wanted to succeed - but I didn’t know how. Then a chance conversation led me to Sam. In one word, “AMAZING”! We started with neuro-linguistic programming, as that was what I felt comfortable with. For our last session, we decided to use hypnotherapy to tackle one really tricky bit. I was a little uncertain, but it was actually very relaxing. During all of Sam’s therapies, I always felt comfortable and reassured. As for results, I now feel more confident and clear-headed than I've ever been in my life. I've already put plans in place towards change, and I'm ready to create the LIFE I DON’T NEED A HOLIDAY FROM. My new catch phrase? “I AM ENOUGH!”

  • Krysta on weight loss

    I met with Sam twice, once to go over the process, and once to get the hypno therapy done. Even after the first session I felt really motivated, mainly because I was saying my reasons for wanting to lose weight out loud I think, and really thinking about them. We meet soon after to do the hypnotherapy, whilst doing this I felt really relaxed, not much different than I was feeling prior to the session afterwards (but then I was already motivated from our set up session). But since then ( I think around four weeks ago), my mindset has definitely changed, I have the odd slip up from my plan, but I don’t feel guilty and give up like I once would have, and just get straight back on the wagon. I have a more of a long term mindset I think would be the way to put it. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to lock in their motivation and long term mindset.

  • Dorothy on regret

    Even though I had been through conventional counselling, I didn't realise just how much my past still influenced the way I reacted to situations, or the mechanisms I used, without even being conscious of it. Going through the neuro-linguistic programming method with Sam helped me see that my responses were still firmly rooted in my childhood. Finding new coping mechanisms broke these shackles and literally set me free from a lifetime of painful memories and regret. The changes it has brought to my life have been profound and words cannot express my gratitude at the difference Sam has made to my life.

  • Anthony on knuckle-cracking

    Sam at Happinessence is in equal parts highly effective and absolutely delightful to deal with. I had compulsively cracked my knuckles for more than eight years, and exhausted several alternative ‘fixes’. Having no belief in subconscious suggestion or hypnotherapy I was hesitant, but still made significant progress from just a single appointment. After only three meetings I am now at a place where my habit no longer negatively affects my life, or the sanity of those around me. I would have no hesitation in re-engaging Happinessence for treatment of any future issues.

  • Jacqui on entrepreneurship

    I engaged Sam as my business mentor on the recommendation of a friend, and after just 2 months working together, I won Harcourt’s Top Residential Real Estate award! Sam’s talent lies in her ability to ask exactly the right question at the most pertinent moment, and she also provides an excellent sounding board for the exploration of new options. As you would expect from a mentor, Sam also holds me accountable for the actions we agree together, and gently prompts me to regularly step out of my comfort zone. Knowing that I can call on Sam has immeasurably boosted my confidence, and the results that followed have stunned everyone. I started in real estate as a PA, learning the job from the ground up. I’m now on an equal playing field, competing with some who have been in the industry for years. Sam has ensured my feet are firmly on the ground, but my sights are set high. It’s a compelling mix!

  • Toni on mental blocks

    If you want to change something in your life, I highly recommend Happinessence. In just one session, Sam helped me lift a long-standing financial block – pretty much instantly. The same week I saw Sam, we received our first seven figure deal and ever since, work has been coming in left, right and centre. It's so exciting, especially as we’re doing just what we love.

  • Georgina on crossroads

    I first met Sam back in 2011 when I was feeling lost and lacked confidence. My relationship had ended unexpectedly and I was devastated, mostly because my dreams to travel and work on boats felt impossible. I had a tarot reading with Sam and she was incredible. I wouldn’t say I learnt anything new, but what Sam did was reinforce what I already knew, she gave me an injection of confidence and strength which is exactly what I needed. Since then I’ve had a reading with Sam each time I’ve felt at a crossroads. Sam is incredible, when talking with her she makes you feel close and secure. Recently my Mum has been very sick and I contacted Sam when I was desperate and didn’t know who else to turn to as we thought my Mum was going to die. Sam helped me believe in my Mum's strength and a positive recovery for her. Since then Mum is recovering against all the odds! Sam is amazing, I believe she was put on this earth to help people find their happiness and that’s exactly what she does. She is magical!

  • Melanie on facial tics

    We have a 12yr old boy Kayne, who has had facial tics and terrible anxiety at night time for the last 6 years. He never slept by himself, has always had to have someone beside him and rarely went for sleepovers. Recently his facial tics had become worse. We had already been to a psychiatrist in the past, but this never worked. A friend recommended Sam to us quite recently, so we rang up and booked an appointment. After the first appointment, 99% of Kayne's facial tics disappeared and now 6 weeks later they are still absent. We had 4 appointments with Sam in total, and we have a different boy. Kayne now sleeps in his own room by himself, and has had many sleepovers at his friends' houses. The difference is amazing, and all thanks to Sam. Her approach and manner were absolutely fantastic. We have no hesitation in recommending Sam!

  • Su on perspective

    I work in mental health so know that talking about life's issues can be a valuable tool. My experience with Sam enabled me to look at my life from a different lens. While I am used to being on the other side of the couch it was invaluable to be able to sit back, be asked the tough questions, be held in responding to these (no chance to hide there!), and take the time to be clear in my responses and how I got there.


  • Campbell Tyson on staff productivity

    We send staff to Sam at Happinessence to help get their work / life balance and happiness into sync. Sam uses a range of techniques to uncover the root cause of the issue – and what the person needs to do to change their habits. It's great to see the reaction from our staff when they have the 'ah-ha' moment, realise what was causing the issue and what they needed to do to restore their overall energy and happiness. It is well worth us using Sam, as after all happy people make for productive staff members!

  • Auckland Deaf Society on team diversity

    Sam at Happinessence has organised a number of projects that have benefited our organisation. Recently she conducted a wellbeing seminar for staff of Auckland Deaf Society. The workshop was thoughtful, personalised and informative and it met the diverse needs of hearing and deaf staff. Sam is always prepared, punctual and professional in her delivery. She caters for all learning styles with plenty of practical and interactive activities to reinforce learning.

  • KAS on senior team development

    The Happinessence team facilitated a workshop for my senior staff (22 attendees) in November 2015. As a business we were stuck in a rut, and our people were disjointed and possibly even a little dysfunctional at times. I'd heard Happinessence were unique in their approach to getting the best out of teams, and I wanted to see my team move forward, communicate effectively and see the best in each challenging situation. I could tell everyone was uneasy when they stepped through the door to the workshop, and I was a little nervous how things would go! Within half an hour, Sam had everyone at ease, laughing AND taking notes. I sat quietly in the corner and watched my team come alive. Before I knew it, they were split into groups to problem solve the challenges I had provided, working together and coming up with some great ideas. The day was a complete success, everyone left energised, engaged and ready to take on the world. I recommend Happinessence to anyone who wants their teams to be the best they can be.

  • Potters Park Events Centre on EAP support

    Sam always delivers a professional but personalised service to her clients. In her work as a business mentor for one of the staff at Potters Park Events Centre, she provided a holistic support structure enabling this person to develop and realise  their potential. From a business perspective, this has led to an increase in productivity and improved our sales and revenue results. Happinessence continues to deliver the support framework for our staff wellbeing and professional development.

  • Jackie on group learning

    Last year at one of our Green Prescription workshops I met Sam from Happinessence. Our first workshop with her was on Emotional Management and our second one was on Habit Change. I'm not say my life changed dramatically but these workshops allowed me some insight an awareness of why I keep falling off the wagon (so to speak). I joined a small group course with Sam, with was more in depth. This allowed me to acknowledge my negative emotions, have a better way to handle them and learn how to stay focused in a positive way. I would encourage anyone to join a course with Sam as she is not only kind and caring, she also knows her stuff.

  • Picturebook Interiors on staff relations

    We were in a rut, the business was not progressing, communication was not great and the team was not harmonious. At our workshop, Sam was able to get everyone to talk openly about how they felt, discussing where they thought we were doing well and where they thought we were falling down. We learnt a lot about each other, plus new ways to tackle problems which focus on resolutions and putting things into perspective. We set achievable goals to improve the business and our working relationships. Sam kept us on track, but also pushed us towards change. We now have the tools to work through any issues, and make sure we recognise the good stuff plus how far we have come. Change doesn’t happen overnight but we are getting there and we are seeing the benefits within the business.

  • Common Thread on team insight

    Prior to working with Sam, my team and I had experienced a year of success and grand achievements! We're a new business and a young team, and for the most part everything was ticking along nicely, with only mundane issues from time to time. Sam created a completely tailored workshop for us. She made it creative, inspiring and gave us all something we could both relate to and aspire towards. We focused mainly on ways to avoid complacency and arrogance due to our success, and instead to strive for a better customer experience, personal growth and confidence. Since the workshop, Sam has carried out one-on-one's with staff members who need a little extra assistance. Their confidence is growing, and thus their place within the business is becoming clearer to them. Sam is so approachable. She gives insight into so many areas, without judgment. Sam's involvement with my whole team has been critical to the start of 2015. Now, we all have a clear understanding on where the business is going and the roles we each play to get it there. I cannot recommend Sam enough!!!

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