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Happinessence blends intuition, psychological resilience and frequency medicine to help you reach higher. Self-confidence (and ultimately, human happiness) focuses on people, purpose, path and power. So, our innovative spiritual approach stacks the deck in your favour! We awaken consciousness and target the invisible links between thoughts, feelings and behaviours. With our help you get to remodel mental patterning, balance emotional charge and access powerful manifestation techniques. If you're a conscious leader, small business owner or motivated individual, tuning into the happiness frequency lets you effortlessly transform the ineffective codes buried deep inside yourself, your people and your practices.

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"To find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration" ~ Nikola Tesla

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Man is by nature a social animal and humans are born with an innate capacity to form social connections. This does not mean relationships are easy! When it comes to people problems, we can help you communicate, collaborate or compromise. Chat to us about ineffective leadership, culture challenges, trust issues vs power struggles, team disengagement, personality clashes and more. 



Life is full of transitions and even high performers sometimes visit the dark side of imposter syndrome. It can be tough to stick to your path when it seems like doubts, blocks and setbacks repeatedly bar the way. When you're facing harsh feedback, dealing with an unexpected kick in the teeth or handling a devastating tragedy, let us help you get back on track to your best.


Humans crave safety, belonging and mattering. Without purpose, it's hard to identify meaning in your life or feel in control. It may seem like you have no values or standards by which to judge your actions, leading to issues around your self-worth. Get in touch to develop your spiritual connection, manage sensitivities or insecurities, raise your self-esteem and heal your identity crisis.


Personal triggers or hot buttons can be memories, objects or people that spark intense negative emotions. The upset registers in your brain as a threat, unconsciously engaging your fight or flight response, which can leave you feeling out of control. Reach out to discuss our proven processes for greater self-awareness and improved confidence to create your new normal.