The global pandemic changed the nature of face-to-face sessions! We continue to offer in person appointments at our quiet clinic situated in the Bombay Hills. And online meetings also suit us, if that's your preference. If required, we can work out a hybrid mix to provide flexibility around your other commitments. Note that any pre-work tasking is dispatched with your initial invoice at the time of booking and your downpayment must be received before your programme commences.

Because any situation around people, purpose, path or power requires a high level of trust, your first question is perhaps how you can figure out quickly if we have the expertise to help? Here are your options:

     Schedule a Healy frequency scan

     Try the Happinessence diagnostic tool

     Book a discovery call to find out if our approach can resolve your issue

Kindly note that once you make a booking, you will receive text reminders for your appointments. It’s upsetting for everyone when clinic time is wasted, so please give us at least 48 hours’ notice of any changes to your planned session. Unfortunately, last-minute cancellations (ie. less than 24 hours’ notice) may incur a 50% penalty charge and no-shows are invoiced in full.

Got a question? Reach out now to get the answers you need!

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