Starting where you are right now, we help you find your way forward. We offer a FREE half-hour consultation to discuss the challenges you're currently facing, the ways in which cultural paradigms and human behaviour develop, and how our programmes can help. We answer all your questions, so you can decide if our proprietary "Flexi-librium" approach is right for you.

Built to enhance behavioural motivation, the "Flexi-librium" model is multi-level, compounding and developed to deliver continuous improvement. The programmes with the wider model begin by enhancing the individual, and evolve through maximising team performance, to magnifying organisational legacy.

We deliver our mentoring and training globally (via Zoom or Skype) to small businesses, high performance teams and motivated individuals. Meetings are also available in person at Happinessence HQ, which is based at our alpaca farm in Bombay, South Auckland.

Some clients choose NOT to proceed after their free appointment...and it's totally cool. Our input is designed to help you consider how you really want things to be. "Giving it a go" is a waste of time, effort and money. To break any cycle, you must commit to developing and repeating the beneficial new patterns which create successful consequences. Find out now how we can help you, book your free consultation to get the answers you're seeking.

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