Ignite Aotearoa is a modern mental health and wellbeing provider offering subscription-based access to organisations wanting to provide a broad, effective range of tools to enhance the mental health and wellbeing of their employees.

When running a business, the health, safety and wellbeing of people must always take precedence. Many companies offer an employee assistance programme (EAP) because the benefits include reduced absenteeism, improved team engagement and increased productivity.

Ignite is able to report 60% average engagement (more than 10x that of traditional EAPs) and offer positive user feedback:

    • 79% say wellbeing has improved through accessing support via Ignite
    • 86% rate the support they’ve received as very good
    • 93% of workshop attendees believe it provided skills or ideas they can put into place

    Samantha Jung-Fielding is proud to be a delivery partner bookable for coaching services with Ignite Aotearoa via their online platform.

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