At Happinessence, we firmly believe in a holistic approach, using subtle change modalities and achieving transformational results! Everyone is at a different point on their happiness journey. Some people know what they need, where others struggle to pinpoint the issue. From time to time, we even come across people whose concept of happiness has a fatal flaw.

To keep it simple, we base our practice on four pillars: people, purpose, path and power. Forget immediate gratification because consciousness is not a quick fix, there’s no magic wand! Developing greater awareness requires higher level processing. With us, you can expect talk modalities (to discuss your thoughts, feelings and behaviour) backed by insightful Healy frequency scans and powerful spiritual techniques.

Every human is a living energy field so Happinessence sessions incorporate the latest breakthroughs in vibrational medicine using Healy frequency devices. More than a hundred years ago, Nikola Tesla noted: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Researchers have known for a long time that thoughts and behaviours affect your body’s rhythms. Consider the way anxious thoughts trigger stress hormones which stimulate your heart rate. Also notice how the sound vibrations of music affect your thoughts and feelings, prompting your mind and body to relax.

Frequency medicine unites science and spirituality to help you resonate with your essence (or personal blueprint). By gently unwinding anything that is out of harmony with your original design, you get to remodel mental patterning, balance emotional charge and access powerful manifestation techniques. It's a transformative release if you happen to be struggling with stuck thinking, troublesome feelings or unproductive processes!

Our clients are conscious leaders facing transition, small business owners in turmoil and motivated individuals seeking to improve personal performance. In short, tuning into the happiness frequency effortlessly remodels the ineffective codes buried deep inside people and their practises.

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