Happiness, success and wellbeing are the consequence of repetitive beneficial patterns. When you adopt good practices and stay in a positive spin, it’s easy to keep on the up. If you slip into negative cycles, sticking points start to appear. Suddenly, one big stumbling block tips everything upside-down and it all ends up spiralling out of control.

At Happinessence, we specialise in inner patterns, team dynamics and culture refinement for small businesses, high performance teams and motivated individuals. Despite our company name, people rarely call when happy! We offer light at the end of the tunnel to those struggling with stuck thinking, troublesome feelings and unproductive processes.

We delve into cultural paradigms, human behaviour and subliminal constructs, identifying motivational drivers and breaking historically ineffective cycles in order to design the future differently. Clients come to Happinessence for the "Flexi-librium" approach, our proprietary model for people optimisation, designed to stimulate constructive thinking, achieve emotional balance and cultivate winning behaviours. Our mission is to disrupt the average and create the exceptional!

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