Happiness, success and wellbeing come from just one thing…repetitive patterns. If you adopt good habits and stay in a positive spin, it’s easy to keep on the up. When you slip into negative cycles, blocks start appearing. Suddenly, one big sticking point drags everything down and you end up spiralling out of control

At Happinessence, we specialise in behavioural drivers and habit change for small businesses, high performance teams and motivated individuals. Despite our company name, people rarely call us when happy! We offer light at the end of the tunnel to those struggling with stuck thinking, troublesome feelings and unproductive patterns.

Just because something once was, does NOT mean it always will be. We interrupt historically ineffective cycles and design the future differently. Clients come to Happinessence to stimulate constructive thinking, achieve emotional balance and craft winning behaviours. Our purpose is to disrupt the average and create the exceptional!

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