Samantha Jung-Fielding is the founder of Happinessence. She is a proficient and engaging communicator, mentor and strategist whose insights are grounded in twenty years experience as a successful entrepreneur, thought leader and specialist in frequency medicine.

Known for her colourful and compelling style, Sam is a best-selling author and sought-after speaker on wellbeing, consciousness and the bridge between science and spirituality. Her audiences range from professional organisations to groups of ambitious niche entrepreneurs. In 2014, Sam was named among New Zealand’s top ten humorous speakers.

At the start of her career, Sam spent 15 years in international sales and marketing, helping corporates break into new markets. Seeking more personal balance once she became a mother, Sam opened a natural healing centre in Walton-on-Thames. Newphoria quickly grew into the largest hub in Surrey for alternative and complementary medicine.

In 2012, Sam and her husband migrated their family to New Zealand and settled on a small alpaca farm in the hills between Auckland and the Waikato. Nestled at the heart of the farm, Happinessence offers an ideal location to those seeking the peaceful energy of the countryside. Sam's work with frequency brings her full circle to the energy medicine beginnings she launched in 2005 at Newphoria.

Samantha Jung-Fielding