Would you like 2024 to mark the start of a fresh year of freedom?

In collaboration with some amazing practitioners near and far, we just launched a FREE online community named "A Fresh Year of Freedom". We launched the community on 1st January 2024 and you're warmly invited to jump in now! 

1) Click to join 400 members in our Facebook group
2) Use this link to participate in our interactive WhatsApp chat 

The community is built around the 5 pillars of metabolic health (nutrition, movement, sleep, mindset and environment) and we're infusing every online group activity with Healy frequencies for everyone!

Nutrition: how what and when you eat supports your health. Sharing meal plans, recipes, water frequency and ways to support your gut

Movement : how exercise and physical activity support your health. Fitness classes for all abilities and free subscriptions to amazing online workouts

Sleep: how sleep supports your body to restore and repair. Tips to improve rest and sleep patterns

Environment: how your environment affects your behaviour, which underpins your health. Hacks for habits, surroundings, relationships

Mindset: how what you think and the way you breathe supports your wellbeing. Creating shifts through meditation, EFT tapping, breathwork classes and somatic healing