When kicking off change, intensity counts. Toothache is a great example! The first time it happens, you just want to ease the agony. When the pain comes back, you visit the dentist about treatment options and even discuss underlying causes. Then life gets in the way, until relentless torment finally prompts you to book in for root canal. This happens because you reach a point where the pain of procrastination far outweighs the time, trouble and cost of dental treatment!

With happiness, the readiness process is similar. Colleagues, friends, family and others have likely offered you advice, pointed out resources and shown you alternatives. Again, other stuff slows you down and you wait for a “signier sign”, one that truly hits the spot. Until you get slapped with significance. It's the wretched throb of persistent invisible damage and YOUR very clear prompt that it's finally time to level up! When you acknowledge just how much it hurts PLUS what has already been impacted AND who else has been affected, you’re ready to book in. After all, can you really hold out much longer against this accumulating snowball effect?

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Business & SMEs

  • Executive mentoring
  • Performance & development coaching
  • Facilitated workshops
  • Keynote speaker engagements (events / conferences)
  • EAP support

Conscious leaders

  • Spiritual resilience mentoring
  • Consciousness & mindset development
  • Emotional release coaching
  • Communication skills
  • Frequency resonance activation

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