What's YOUR issue?

While there are common team behaviours and even shared habits among many individuals, it’s rare to find an audience where everyone has exactly the same behavioural drivers! To meet diverse client needs, we offer generalised and bespoke services, plus a monthly FOCUS where we detail custom projects, one of which might perfectly suit you. 

For small businesses

organisations and other groups, tackling team issues
  • Keynote speaker engagements for events / conferences
  • Facilitated workshops
  • Retained services (EAP, executive mentoring, skills coaching, performance / remedial support)


For individuals and couples

handling personal challenges
  • Happinessence training courses, via online membership subscription
  • Group courses, 6-12 participants (available in person and online via Zoom / Skype)
  • 1-2-1 mentoring sessions (available in person and online via Zoom / Skype)

Some clients choose NOT to proceed after this free appointment...and we’re cool with that. There's no need for us to tell you how things are, our input is designed to help you consider how you really want things to be.