Years ago, I trained under Lisa Turner of Psycademy (now CETfreedom). Lisa began every workshop with engaging stories about the inappropriate gifts her father would buy for family members! When Lisa's dad finally presented his wife with a small velvet box (the kind that usually holds something round and sparkly), everyone thought he had finally cracked it!

It’s more than ten years since I last saw Lisa, but she immediately sprang to mind this week when I rediscovered my own precious box of childhood memories. Convinced the box had been lost in our family migration from one side of the world to the other, I was dumbfounded to unearth it at the back of the last cupboard I opened when completing a massive cleaning binge. With any box, huge excitement lies in the revelation of its contents. What IS the gift?

I relished every moment unpacking my box of forgotten memories and deep down I found some delicious surprises! A fabulous storyteller, Lisa made us wait until the end of her workshop series before revealing the secret no one was expecting. When Lisa's mother slowly opened the small velvet box, her whole family gasped. Nestled in the folds, there was a tiny silver key. It left everyone asking the same question...what’s it for?