On Waitangi Day, I proudly stood for the New Zealand Convoy 2022, smiling and waving as the vehicles passed beneath our bridge, tooting their horns for freedom. When I posted an image from the day to social media, it received many comments...and not all positive.

A colleague remarked on the grace with which I had responded to everyone. I believe in freedom of speech, the right to choose and inalienable human rights. Therefore, it makes no sense for me to chastise others for speaking their truth. With so much division already in New Zealand, who would benefit from me adding more?

The healing path is a gentle one. In key relationships, the concept of rupture and repair features prominently. However, I always point out that a repair alone does not constitute healing. The stitches used to seal a wound bring the edges together. Healing happens on the inside and it requires a restorative environment to protect the lesion from further injury until the mend completes.

Knowing why I stand allows me to smile and wave, even when faced with others who disagree with my position. Whatever your affiliation, may I urge you to also choose grace and make a personal contribution to the global environment our rifts require for healing.