Whatever your age, I believe you’re always too young to settle! If you can imagine anything better than now, I urge you to go for it. Life is about gathering experience, adding occurrences together and creating circumstance. At any point, you can swap out current incidents and begin a fresh chapter…that’s what living is for!

I used to discuss transformational change, until I realised this led people to believe change could be done for them. They expected me to wave a wand, press a button, flick a switch. Society is addicted to quick fixes and the pandemic has further intensified the desire for instant gratification. Nowadays, I’m unashamedly clear that behavioural alignment makes all the difference.

Behaviour describes the way that dreams (thoughts) and desires (emotions) get physical! Born into slavery, Frederick Douglass famously said: “I prayed for freedom for twenty years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs”.

According to James Clear writing in Atomic Habits, change can be made at several levels: outcomes, processes or identity. I encourage anyone looking for new direction to worry less about the way ahead and focus intently on why the difference. When you understand deep down what is driving your legs to pray, running hard is easy.