Each thought you have creates an emotion. When thinking and feeling synthesise, this generates your behaviour. For the most part, you are unaware of this process because it’s automated by the subconscious mind.

In 2005, the National Science Foundation published an article summarising research on human thoughts. Apparently, the average person has between 12,000 and 60,000 thoughts per day. 80% of these thoughts are negative, and 95% are exactly the same thoughts as the day before.

Is it surprising you end up asking yourself questions about validity! Questions like, does this matter….is it worth it….what’s the point? The answer is that each small thing links to the next small thing, creating a chain of consequence.

When you start with a negative thought, you feel low and in consequence you do little (or nothing). This results in you thinking badly about yourself, feeling unworthy and with time on your hands, you loop into overthinking. Your self-esteem diminishes and you sink into the abyss.

The alternative is to begin with a positive thought, so that you feel eager and quickly get busy. When this produces a small win, you think you’re on the right path, feel encouraged and enthusiastically do more because you like what you are seeing! Your confidence grows and your spirits lift!

There’s a lot to pull you off track (80% of your daily thoughts!), so it takes focus and dedication to stay on the up. However, one thing is sure. Every little choice really does matter!