It truly pays to put people first. According to research by Gallup, organisations with aligned and engaged teams benefit from greater profitability, increased productivity, improved communication, higher employee engagement and retention, faster decision-making and increased agility to respond to external forces.

Team engagement is such a sweet spot! Long fascinated by what makes people tick, I find it a deeply joyful experience to figure out effective group dynamics, then watch accomplishments mount up. Every great team starts when people unite over a common purpose. Over time, the process of sharpening the group demands that individual aspirations make way for unified intention.

Yet ultimately success depends on each person’s core connection to the cause. Effective leadership examines why you are part of this mission, where you want it to take you and what you hope to gain personally. “Individual aspirations” are those things YOU specifically want for yourself. In the words of the Spice Girls: “So, tell me what you want, what you really, really want!”

It’s a difficult question to answer at the best of times. And right now, the world is not in the best of times! The predominant mindsets among kiwis seem to be scattered, sluggish and susceptible. Unfortunately, neuroscience researchers at Kings College London found that prolonged negative thinking drains your brain of resources and diminishes its ability to reason. It becomes more difficult to rationalise, or even narrow down options. If you need a lift right now, consider these ideas to refocus yourself:

  • Adopt Mel Robbins’ five second rule…when you feel the instinct to act, count 5-4-3-2-1-GO! and launch into action
  • Watch Ashley Stahl’s gripping TED talk to figure out what you really, really want by recognising where you actually are
  • Receive a daily motivational Note from The Universe straight into your Inbox – it can even be personalised to remind you of that big thing you really, really want

There are currently so many unanswered questions in the world that truth almost feels out of reach. A new normal is being thrust upon us. Will industry leaders step up and delineate new parameters? Confusion abounds. Might this be a good time to take the initiative, or is it better to wait and follow the example of others? With a huge question mark hanging over everything, some people are even fearful of making small choices. After all, how much can you really control right now, because who knows where it’s all going to end up?

This lack of clarity has sparked a huge debate on freewill. The extended level 4 lockdown across Auckland frustrated kiwis who felt there was simply no choice in the matter. This sentiment is only intensifying with the increasing pressure to be vaccinated. When it seems like lifechanging decisions are being made on your behalf, freewill definitely rockets top of mind!

In short, whatever the size of your team, notice the same question is on everyone’s lips…how to stay on track. It’s no secret your brain plays tricks on you during times of uncertainty, but where do you draw the line? What’s the solution to help you figure out where you stand? The happy news is that deciding already puts you right back in the game. Contact us for help realigning yourself or your team for post-lockdown initiatives. And in the meantime, focus on what you can control right now, rebuilding confidence with small, safe and successful wins!