When it’s all hands to the pump, it can be challenging to find time to polish your performance. The quiet week between Christmas and New Year provides a perfect opportunity to Plan your Pathway! And once reflection gets underway, make sure you prioritise techniques to reduce friction and remove distractions.

It’s been said while unsuccessful people keep wishing, the accomplished stay busy doing! Not because it’s easy. Even those with burning goals find themselves pulled off track. The standard response to this challenge is to maximise self-discipline, however those of us who practise it repeatedly are well aware willpower is an exhaustible resource. Rather than repeatedly putting yourself through uphill struggles, I urge you to consider instead “flexible purposefulness”.

The secret is to understand your own foibles. How do you best operate – is there a particular time of day where you are more productive? Do you work better in fits and starts, or when you schedule sustained blocks of effort? Are you more effective working alone, or collaborating in a team environment? Which aspect of any project attract you…strategy, design, communication, sales, delivery? And which elements cause you to drag your feet?

Aristotle once said: “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” The global pandemic has certainly offered us many new insights. I propose we make 2022 the year we put these new perceptions to effective use!